Frequently Asked Questions


On the home page, you say “Our cuddle and rattle toys are particularly popular with the 5 and under crowd, while the squeaky toys make the puppies go crazy and the catnip toys are something the kitties just can’t get enough of!”  Does this mean I can’t order a rattle toy for my puppy?

Of course not!  Those are just meant as suggestions!  The cuddle toys are perfect for children and pets alike.  Babies are often attracted by the squeakers in our squeaky toys, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the super squeaker for a young child – they just won’t have the strength to make it squeak!  The rattle toys are also popular with your babies – furry and non-furry.  The only toy I would give you restrictions on would be the catnip toys – those are most suitable for cats.  Dogs and children don’t always react well to catnip.


Why don’t you have _________ toy?

If you don’t see a particular toy you’re looking for, contact me at CLADECrochet@gmail.com to discuss creating it.  I have patterns for many different toys and if I don’t have a pattern, I can probably make one up!


What if I want a Large, Blue Hippo?  Can I get that?

Of course!  Each item is handmade, so I can customize it to fit your needs.  Please note that some special orders require some extra time – if I don’t have a particular color in stock or if I have to reformat a pattern to make a toy a particular size, for example.  Contact me directly at CLADECrochet@gmail.com to discuss a custom order.


How do you ship your toys?

I typically wrap each item in tissue paper, then send it in a bubble mailer.  Most toys are fairly light, so I can typically send them through USPS first class.  I do this to try to keep shipping costs as low as possible!  If you want an order packaged differently or sent rush delivery, I’m happy to attempt to accommodate your requests.


Do you ship to _________?

I ship worldwide, provided the United States provides shipping to your location.  Please note that you are responsible for any customs fees.  Additionally, tracking is limited in locations outside the United States.  If you want something shipped to another country, I also provide shipping using FedEx.


Where else can I buy your toys?

I understand the world of internet purchasing can make any consumer a bit wary.  Therefore, I use Paypal to process all orders – Paypal provides Buyer Protection to help you make sure you get your items!

I also sell on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/CLADECrochet) and sometimes on eBay.  Because of the commission fees, prices may be higher on those sites.

If you live in Colorado, I may be coming to a craft fair or farmers market near you!  I’d love to meet you in person – contact me about which shows I’ll be attending.


I’ve ordered from you before, and I have a discount code for my next order.  How do I use it?

Put your discount code in the “Special Requests” section of the order form.  I’ll include your discount on the Paypal Invoice I send you.

Buying on Etsy?  You can input your discount code directly on the site.  If you have problems, please contact me at CLADECrochet@gmail.com prior to submitting your order!


Do you have a return policy?

Because I am a small, independently run business and each item is created just for you, I do not offer a return policy at this time.

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