pawprint4Our scarves are very versatile and can be made in practically any size, from small ones for your pet to large ones for your favorite uncle!  We are constantly increasing the designs that are available and are open to special requests for patterns.

Our pet scarves are made with a space crocheted in the scarf for you to thread the ends through, so it loops and stays around your pet’s neck.

For pet scarves, please note the circumference (all the way around) your pet’s neck, and the length from their neck to the bottom of their chest.  This will allow for the most accurate sizing!

Please note any special design requests on your order form.

Interested in ordering a scarf?  Fill out the Contact Form below to place your order.  Once I receive it, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.  Once you pay, it takes 2-4 days typically to make your scarf.

Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Please check out our available colors page for images of each color we have available!

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